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Stand Up to Work!

How has your office desk been treating you? Office furniture has been a challenge to me ever since I joined the workforce. On my tippy toes, I stretch to 4”11, so a footstool and a below-desk keyboard have always been my essential “office supplies.” Without that keyboard, I developed carpal tunnel syndrome, so I am a believer in “office furniture ergonomics.”

I’m not the only one. As more people are bound to desks by technology, the more chronic postural conditions will threaten their bodies. What about you? What’s your comfort level at your desk on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being high)?

If you search the Internet for “standing desks” you will find a host of different types from stand-alone styles to ones you can place on your existing desk. It’s a matter of your personal preference. After much review and research, I decided to purchase the crank-style Sit to Stand model from the Standup Desk Store Before I bought it, I decided to check out the customer service department. I needed to know they would help me help me if I had problems with assembly since that is not my forte. And yes, my assembly had a glitch and it was handled it beyond my expectations. I received the desk within a few days and placed it in my home office, right next to my cherished “Crow Magnificence” painting.

So here I am, typing this with one leg on a footstool, my eyes looking forward, elbows around 90 degrees, and for once in my work life, my back isn’t sore and my neck isn’t scrunched toward the screen. This desk is sturdy and well-made. At the end of the day, if I want to sit, I crank the desk down. In the morning, I crank it up. Cool. When I get antsy, I do some leg stretches or squats. I have free weights nearby plus a 10 lb. medicine ball to lift and turn when I’m on webinars and conference calls. I feel more productive standing and less likely to lose my attention span. The company talked about fitness benefits, but I had no idea I would be more mentally alert as well. The Standup Desk is a winner, and I proudly disclose I am not getting paid to say this.

What about you? Is your desk a pain in the rear or the neck? If so, consider a standing desk, or at least figure out a way to get up and move regularly during your workday for the sake of posture and fitness. Not sure where to start?  I’m just an email away at [email protected] – contact me today to schedule a free consultation on how to started on being more fit in your workday or your home life!

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