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Grocery Store Tours Still In Style

Not long ago, a client asked for my thoughts about protein bars. She read they aren’t as healthy as they are touted to be.  In her words, “They are loaded with sugar and fat, and who knows what else!”  I had to agree with her – one can find alot of sugar in protein bars just like one can find salt in cappuccinos and fat in some frozen vegetables!  Who woulda thunkit?  That’s why I always suggest people “read the label” as boring as that may sound, because that is the only way to know for sure what is in processed foods.  Reading labels isn’t always easy, though, so if you need help, or want to go on a grocery store tour with me, let me know.  I will teach you an easy way to read the food label as well as help you navigate the grocery store in order to find the healthiest and most economical options for your family.

I have enjoyed giving grocery store tours throughout my career and now many grocery stores have dietitians on staff for this purpose!  One of my most memorable tours was with my co-worker Melanie- we liked to infuse fun and humor into our tours and one year arranged for the city trolley to carry our groups to our destination.  We sang “Found A Peanut” (or was it “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall?”)…. I can’t recall.  I only remember having alot of fun!

The best part of My Coach Bev Grocery Store Tours is that YOU set the goals of the tour so YOUR nutritional goals are met and YOUR questions are answered. This is a customized, not canned program.  Cost varies depending on the size of the group, location, and length of tour.  Grab a few friends to make it a small group outing, and the cost is greatly reduced!  Contact me at [email protected] for a quote!

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