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February, 2015

The Oscars: Take the Stage!

As the Oscars recently wrapped up, I had an idea. I am going to challenge you to become an actor. Think about a character you have seen in a movie that touched you for some reason. What would it take you to “be” that person or take on that person’s admirable characteristic (s)? Example: say […]


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Is it OK to Fine Parents When Children Don’t Meet BMI?

I read that Puerto Rican Sen. Gilberto Rodriguez is suggesting that parents be fined if their children don’t meet their “ideal weight.” I wonder if Senator Rodriguez and his staff have considered the multitude of undesirable consequences of such a bill.   Will this lead to children being put on fad diets or being denied food […]

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Happy Valen – TIME Day

While the world says to “say it with flowers” I have another idea. I was at the grocery store tonight when I noticed quite a few men rushing around… not for groceries, but for flowers.  What was more noticeable was that none of them looked particularly happy, but rather rushed and irritated.  I made a […]

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$500 Million Dollars To Chase an Elusive Butterfly?

On February 4th, Michelle Obama announced a $500 million dollar donation from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation toward the “the fight against childhood obesity.’ Yes, $500 million toward the phrase I want to eliminate! (Let’s Not Talk about Obesity in 2015) Here we go again. First of all, I think it’s great anytime any money […]

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