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Repeal the Seal – Count Me In

Repeal the Seal

You may have heard already about the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics leadership being criticized for partnering with Kraft (i.e. taking their money) and putting a Kids Eat Right stamp on processed (i.e. not real) cheese. This has caught the attention of the Dairy Council, consumers, health professionals, and the media.  More than anyone, though, it has infuriated many nutrition professionals, especially dues-paying members of the Academy.  I have watched this slippery slope for years. This is one of the main reasons I dropped my membership after 20-some years of loyalty.

I remember years ago when the Academy first partnered with the  American Beverage Association.  One would have thought that partnership would have resulted in healthier beverages for consumers.  Instead, all the members were mailed a “gift”: a pack of  reproducible educational handouts on how soda pop could be included as part of the consumer’s daily fluid allowance!   I remember writing letters of protest, but only after throwing that expensive pack of glossy papers into my File 13. The Academy’s actions continued and inspired the creation of a group, Dietitians for Professional Integrity  who has tracked the questionable partnerships of the Academy over the years.  You can guess that I don’t endorse any commercial products or companies.  (See Blog with Integrity.)

Yesterday, a petition was started by three action-minded dietitians to “Repeal the Seal.”  They invited other dietitians and food and nutrition colleagues to sign.  I signed yesterday when the petition was in the 2000s.  It is today approaching 9000 signatures, close to the 10, 000 required to get the Academy to take action.  My question is: when I wake up tomorrow and this petition is full, will our “leadership” also wake up?  I sure hope so.








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