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Decluttering: Making Space for YOU!

Many of you know that I teach Decluttering Classes, but did you know that my qualifications began at birth?  Yes, my twin sister and I were numbers 7 & 8 in a family of 8 girls, so you can bet our house was “full”, not only with people, but with many supplies for our existence.  Our mother lived during the Depression years so learned to save EVERYTHING because it might come in handy down the road.  “Hand-me-downs” were the norm at the Benda house.  We had a “Halloween box”, a “boots box”, a “mittens box” and a “skates box”, meaning that we never bought “new” of any of those things… but every year we scrounged for whatever came close to fitting us from those boxes.  I carried the same backpack for all of my school years, and you may not believe this, but I STILL have it!  I am still perplexed at the thought of children getting new backpacks EVERY year!

And now “decluttering” is all the rage, and many people who were raised by Depression-era parents and their children are struggling with the concept of parting with things that might “have a use down the road.”  How do you part with these valuables even while knowing that you have too much stuff?

  1. Ask yourself, “Do you own it, or does it own you?”
  2. “What would happen if I didn’t own this anymore?”
  3. “Could someone else appreciate it more?”  “Could you find that person?”
  4. “What do want more: your freedom or this item?”

Now while the spirit is moving you, could you devote 15 minutes cleaning out a small area that has been piling up? I commend you in advance for your achievement!

Keep in mind there are other things to declutter in our lives besides physical items: we may want to declutter habits, people, addictions, too-busy schedules, commitments, even technology!

If you are ready to declutter, consider taking my Decluttering Made Easy class!  Classes start March 26th (virtually or in-person.)  The virtual classes are run by phone so it’s easy to participate from across the miles!  I keep classes small so you get personalized attention; however, if you want private coaching also, be sure to select the Coaching Plus option when you register.  This allows you a 30-minute private coaching session between classes for half the price of my regular coaching fee!  If interested, please sign up soon, because class sizes are limited!

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