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From One Radish to Two Cukes

I was weeding yesterday, the day before, and the day before.  I was IN the dirt!  I was happy to see some flowers on my cucumber plants.  So how can it be that today, I found these two cucumbers, a long green Asian cucumber and a short, plump Mini-White Cucumber, both fully grown and ready to be plucked?

Did they grow overnight, just because I cleared out the weeds, and made room for growth?  Did the corn gluten pre-emergent herbicide I spread actually serve as growth hormone?  Look at them!  How can it be? Wow!

I always say I’m going to set up a tripod with a camera and watch how a vegetable can grow overnight from NOTHING to a vegetable this size!  If you go to my About Page, you will see the cucumber I grew at the end of summer last year.  It was NOT a zucchini, it was a cuke!  I had to take it to my pickleball friends and show them I could use it as a pickleball paddle!

Now the fun really begins.  I have 12 tomato plants, and they are all heirloom varieties.  I am intrigued by the black cherry tomato plants I am trying this year.  They are currently half black and half yellow – not ready yet, but I am giddy thinking how they how they will taste! My 96 year-old Uncle Al, who gives me most of my gardening advice, mailed me several seeds to try, so I’m excited to report back to him on his specialties. I’ve reaped a few green beans, but not enough to cook, so I eat them raw in my salad.  Simply wonderful.

The next two weeks will be splendid. People wonder why I don’t like to go on vacation in the summertime.  This is why.  I truly enjoy watching my garden grow.  And hey, when North Dakota summers are beautiful, unlike our cold winters, why would I want to go anywhere else?




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