Nutrition, Wellness and Health Coaching – onsite and virtual services including coaching, motivational nutrition presentations, worksite wellness consulting, grocery store tours, etc.

Worksite Consulting

Team Development Services

Using advanced techniques in group facilitation, I am equipped to work with your team in a training and coaching role.  This may be useful for new employee orientation, updating staff to new policies and procedures, or troubleshooting challenges.  I strive to engage all participants while promoting a positive learning environment that minimizes conflict while maximizing productivity.

What I could do for your organization:

  • Provide training and coaching for your team in accordance with content needs and standards.
  • Conduct “pre-and post-calls” to each individual to promote ownership in trainings.
  • Implement group guidelines that assure all voices and personality types are heard.
  • Assist with evaluation.

Policy Development and Review

Do you dread working on policy?  Would you believe I’m a magnet to it?  Having successfully created and implemented a variety of health-oriented policies, I believe changing policy is the most effective method of impacting behavior in populations.  Policy has the ability to change behavior for 100% of the people 100% of the time.  Examples of policies I have been involved in creating:

  • Model Nutrition Policy for Schools
  • Fruit and Veggies Snack Policy
  • Worksite Wellness Employee Policy
  • Breastfeeding At Work and Infant At Work Policies
  • Tobacco –Free Grounds Policy
  • Healthy Meals Policy

What I could do for your organization:

  • Review your draft policies and make recommendations.
  • Meet with your team to brainstorm policy clarity and transport meaning to written word.
  • Train team on new and upgraded policies.

Worksite Wellness

Worksites that hire coaches to assist their employees in reaching health, personal or professional goals are reaping these results: improved productivity, less absenteeism and employee illness, improved employee morale and less staff turnover.

With over 20 years of worksite wellness experience (including program coordinator, health coach, biometric screener, research assistant, Lunch and Learn presenter and program evaluator), I have seen the scope of worksite wellness challenges.

Here’s what I could do for your organization:

  • Consult with your Worksite Wellness team to create programs and policies that promote and support healthier lifestyles.
  • Review your worksite wellness program components and policies and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Coach employees as they set and achieve goals.
  • Assist employees struggling with job deficiencies or burnout.

For more information, please contact me at [email protected]