Nutrition, Wellness and Health Coaching – onsite and virtual services including coaching, motivational nutrition presentations, worksite wellness consulting, grocery store tours, etc.

Tele-Classes & Workshops

All groups meet by phone (bridge-line) unless noted otherwise, so it’s easy to meet from the comfort of your home, your work site, and even when on vacation!   Every group includes an individual “pre-call” to assure your learning needs will be met.   Groups are limited to 12, which promotes great discussion and interaction.  Looking for more individualized attention?  Sign up for the Coaching Plus option available with every class.  Coaching Plus adds a weekly 30-minute private coaching session to the class you choose so you may have one-on-one confidential time with me every week if desired.

Classes are scheduled per client request.  If you have a group of 4 -12 people who would like to partake in any of these coaching groups, please fill out the Inquiry Form to let us know your date and time preferences.

Decluttering Made Easy!

Ready to let go of your emotional attachments to “stuff” and habits that keep you living in the past? Ready to get organized and simplify your life to be more focused on TODAY? Join others who are accepting the challenge to de-clutter their homes, schedules, and energy-draining habits. Through action-oriented discussions, group support and accountability, you WILL succeed in de-cluttering!  Bonus: each class member will receive one 30-minute private coaching session with class purchase.

  • Six-Week Class: $125
  • Coaching Plus: $350 (class plus 5 private 30-minute coaching sessions)

Morning Decluttering Tackle!

Are you interested in decluttering “hands-on” for just one morning?  Do you have a single project you would like to tackle but every time you face it, you procrastinate?  Project Tackle is for you!  This online/offline morning single 4-hour session is a fast and furious method of decluttering a single project once and for all!  It starts with calling in to my bridgeline to get in the right mindset, then it’s ready, set, go!  You check in every hour to stay accountable.  Past participants have said “It’s just what I needed to stay on task and accountable!” and “What a great accomplishment to get this project done in just 3 and 1/2 hours! Loved the camaraderie of knowing others were doing it, too!” 

Decluttering Tackles are held monthly, usually on a Friday or Saturday.  Want a different day?  No problem, just get at least 5 people to take it, and I will schedule it!

  • Single session: $60

Fit Family, Happy Family

Have your family’s good intentions for healthy eating and physical activity fallen through the cracks due to work, school, too busy, too tired, or too confused? With 20 years of experience in Maternal Child Health (and 25 years of parenting experience), I will acknowledge your issues while helping you find a balance of health and happiness around food.  Bring your questions, concerns, food issues and battles, and we will tackle them through this interactive, information-packed course!  This is the only class of its kind – custom-made by My Coach Bev.

  • Six-Week Class: $125
  • Coaching Plus: $325 (class plus 5 private 30-minute coaching sessions)

Body Respect… Our Starting Place

This class is the best coaching group to start with if you are looking to change your eating habits.  Many people think there is a “food formula” or “diet’ to change, when actually it starts with how you respect yourself and your body, as well as how you talk to your body, and believe in yourself.  This is our starting place from which the best growth occurs.  It is a little like weeding and tilling the garden before you  plant.  You are creating the best foundation for growth when you start with solid ground.

This coaching group is interactive, involves discussion, and some homework that will increase your awareness to how you respect and treat yourself.  Over time, you will find yourself being more kind to yourself, and it won’t be long before making lifestyle changes will become easier simply because of body-respect changes in you.  Let’s get started.

Classes are limited to 12 participants, so register as soon as you know you are ready for this life-changing class!

  • 6-week class: $195
  • Coaching Plus: $495 (class plus 4 private 30-minute coaching sessions)

Intuitive Eating

Tired of diets, deprivation, and roller-coaster weight loss? Trade in tiresome fad diets for a non-diet approach that helps you make peace with food, set you free from chronic dieting, and rediscover the pleasures of eating.   Based on the book by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch.

  • Twelve-Week Class: $275
  • Coaching Plus: $675 (class plus 11 private 30-minute coaching sessions)

Outsmarting Overeating

Do you tend to turn to food when you are stressed or distressed?  Do your emotions dictate your intake?  If so, please join this group and learn to transform your eating habits from destructive, mindless eating patterns into intuitive eating patterns.  Based on the book Outsmarting Overeating by Karen Koenig, this class provides insights on what it takes for permanent change to take place while providing group interaction and support. This class is offered purposely through the holidays to provide extra support during times of greatest temptation.  Learn to enjoy the holidays without the usual weight gain!

NOTE: I will create “custom-classes” for online groups of 5 or more.  If you round up participants, you get a 20% discount!

  • Eight-Week Class: $150
  • Coaching Plus: $525 (class plus 9 private 30-minute coaching sessions)


Please contact me [email protected] for a quote to bring workshops to your location.

Dream Mapping Workshop

Imagine, visualize and create. Join with others to envision and create your own Dream Map –a visually stimulating collage of the life of your dreams. This hands-on workshop involves clearing your mind, opening your heart, and using creativity as your compass as you create a vision of the “new and improved” you. Classes scheduled upon request.

Dream Mapping Squared

In this 2-day workshop, I team with my identical twin sister and visual artist/teacher, Barbara Benda Nagle, to bring new life to your completed Dream Maps. Pull them out of storage and we will show you how to re-create them into frame-able works of art! Using mixed media, you will learn to use color and collage strategies to weave your Dream Maps through realized journeys toward future quests. Not an artist, you say? You may be pleasantly surprised by the end of the workshop.[/one_half]

Workshops scheduled by request. Please fill out the Inquiry Form to let us know your date and time preferences.

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