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Green Tuesday to Green Christmas!

Today is Green Tuesday, and yesterday was Green Monday.  The purpose of this relatively new “shopping holiday” is to promote sales of environmentally-friendly items. It seems like a new concept, but truly, my mother invented it back in the 50s.  While there wasn’t an online venue for indulging in recycled items, this principle guided our […]

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How to Escape Back to School Shopping and Save Thousands of Dollars

I recently read that the National Retail Federation projects parents will pay on average, $970 for back-to-school expenses. “Back to School” shopping is the second largest retail shopping season next to Christmas. So if each family spends roughly $1000 annually, we are up to 13,000 on average from Kindergarten to 12th grade!  Ouch! Want to […]

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HighMont Beef – a North Dakota Treasure for Heart Health

Do you enjoy the taste of beef, but worry about the saturated fat and cholesterol content?  Look no further than the Red River Valley Ranch in Walhalla. Recently, my artist twin sister Barb, her husband Paul, and I took a road trip up to Walhalla.  We had 3 agendas: do a little hiking in the […]

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“I’m Pretty Tired” of Under Armour Ads

Have you noticed that Under Armour currently has a campaign going on, called “I’m Pretty __________” (you fill in the blanks to describe yourself.)  It strives to educate people that women are not just pretty, they are “pretty amazing”, “pretty focused,”, etc. I understand UAs intent.  After all, my friends and family can count on […]

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Art Therapy is Real

Have you ever been so focused on something you didn’t notice your surroundings?  For example, you didn’t know it was suddenly raining outside or that it was 3 hours past your usual mealtime, or that someone was talking to you? I recently had a total knee replacement and if any of you have had this, […]

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Frisbee Golf (Some Call it Frolf)… I call it Fabulous Fun!

Every Monday I take three young adults frolfing.  Or do we go frolicking?  Sometimes I have so much fun, I feel like a dancing fairy in the forest! We start by choosing our weapons.  J. likes “The Reaper” disc so he can warn the others, “FEAR the Reaper!”  before he sends his sailing.  S. likes the red disc because […]

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Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexatarian, or _______atarian?

One summer a friend challenged me to try a vegan diet.  A vegan diet means no animal products (no meat, no dairy, and no eggs.)   After a good 3 month effort, I  retired from the vegan diet, and returned to a primarily plant-based diet with a mix of regular, soy and almond milk, my much-missed eggs, plus occasional fish, poultry and lean meats.   […]

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Eating Out of Control? Blame Eating, Not Food!

Today’s post is written by Karen Koenig, author of Outsmarting Overeating: Boost Your Life Skills, End Your Food Problems.  I was so impressed by this book that I have scheduled a group coaching tele-class on June 22nd based on its principles.  The tele-class will allow members to study the book together in a small, professionally facilitated, confidential environment.  Benefits include group […]

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Happy Valen – TIME Day

While the world says to “say it with flowers” I have another idea. I was at the grocery store tonight when I noticed quite a few men rushing around… not for groceries, but for flowers.  What was more noticeable was that none of them looked particularly happy, but rather rushed and irritated.  I made a […]

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