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Around the World A Block Away: Lessons in Agendas and Risk-Taking

I was on the home stretch after a long walk when my 8-year old neighbor challenged me to a game of “Around the World.” He’s very good, even though he’s never played organized basketball.  The youngest of nine children, he is home-schooled and gets his schoolwork done fast so he can get outside to play.  Whether it’s 40 degrees, raining […]

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Repeal the Seal – Count Me In

You may have heard already about the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics leadership being criticized for partnering with Kraft (i.e. taking their money) and putting a Kids Eat Right stamp on processed (i.e. not real) cheese. This has caught the attention of the Dairy Council, consumers, health professionals, and the media.  More than anyone, though, it has […]

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